Megalo O'

Multi-purpose Venue at the heart of the city for kids and adults.
A place where we can all fit...

A place of expression, movement and creation
A place for Events, Seminars and Workshops
A Meeting and Entertainment Venue
A place for Children's Party

Grigoriou E’ 69, Chania, Creta
- 28210-72352

Multi-purpose venue at the heart of Chania

For Adults:

Expression Movement Creativity
Events Exhibitions Seminars Music Events

For Kids

Performances for Children Creative Games
Movement Rhythm Kids Party

Megaloo Multi-purpose Facilities Chania Creta
Megaloo Multi-purpose Facilities Music Yoga Kids Party

A place which invites us
to improve ourselves,
normalize our corners
and to be circles...
to roll... to meet...

Silence Concentration Will Movement

and through this, finally begins the journey ...
the transformation... the life... the flow...

The Megalo O'

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